27 May

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(Above) My dad and I at the nursing facility in Keller, Texas: Mimosa Manor

He was doing so great! He walked around all by himself.  He could feed himself (i would scoop the food into the spoon and put it into his hand, then he would put the spoon into his mouth…)  He was ready.  They were supposedly going to do “Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation”

Instead, he was going to a shit hole where they let everyone sit in their shit for 4 hours and people are screaming help me, psychos, mentally challenged people, disabled veterans and muscular dystrophy patients. PEOPLE GO THERE TO DIE. They had a COMMUNITY SHOWER FOR ALL THE PATIENTS (EWW!).  So I instructed the nurse that NO ONE, other than my family could do his hygiene (unless there was an emergency of course; which they should have notified me immediately, since I’m his Power of Attorney) It was amazing, they didn’t even TRY to act like they cared.  Not at all.  No one deserves to be treated like that.  A couple of the Techs and ONE of the nursed were OKAY.  The others, psh…young girls, all under 30, face piercings, tattoos showing, MISSING TEETH.  (THE FUCKING NURSES?! OMG WTF)  This was ridiculous.  But it was only going to be for 30 days and he said it was okay.  Every day I drove and checked on him for 2-4 hours after work.

(Above) My dad and I at Baylor in Grapevine, right before he got transferred to the nursing home.

He was there for about 2 weeks.  After the first day, he got extremely sick.

“24 hour virus” the nurse said.

2 days go by…I constantly nag and he stays laying on his bed in a ball crying in pain.  He fell out of his bed one of these nights, the nurse called me in the morning.  Luckily he wasn’t hurt. He told me that he pulled his alarm for help when he fell and after 30 minutes of sitting on the floor yelling for help- he got so mad that I guess he got the strength to run out in the hall and say “THIS IS FUCKING RIDICULOUS!  CAN YOU FUCKING HELP ME”  The next day I asked them when he would see the doctor; for his stomach.

nurse said “I’ll call the doctor ma’am, but there ain’t much they can do”

Me (with some sarcastic Twain) “There AIN’T much the DOCTOR can do?  He hasn’t even seen my dad yet since he’s been here.  He’s lost nearly 30 pounds now. This is supposed to be rehab but he hasn’t got out of the bed because he’s too sick!”

The nurse left and a few more days went by.  My dad had a room mate, Jay, 88 years old.  Injured his leg and now they won’t be with his wife who he has been married to for 60 YEARS.  Such a sweet man.  VERY patient.  But when I overheard this, I couldn’t believe the nerve this woman had. He asked her to fix his pillow (with a please) she said “No” and walked out.  My dad yelled and made her do it, when she saw me, she didn’t hesitate.

I mean do these people not get it?  My dad is not like these other people!  He is one of the youngest people there.  He is of complete sound mind and judgment, his brain damage effects his body movements.  He talks a little bit slower than he used to, sometimes there a small stutter; but nothing dramatic.

He can’t walk right anymore though.  Not at all.  He can’t turn his head all the way.  He can’t bend his fingers or grip anything.  He has to concentrate really hard to do one movement at a time (for example if you say lift your left arm, he’ll raise both, say oops, then set them down and raise the left)

I told them they needed to change the foley catheter because it had been in there for 5 weeks and he said it was hurting and he had a fever.  When they did remove it.  It hurt him so bad that they couldn’t put it back in and JAMES, the evening Charge nurse, was so irritated that he dropped the dirty foley/catheter and his gloves on my dads stomach and stomped out of the room.  I asked them to check for a Urinary Tract Infection-I was told that he was tested and he was okay.

Finally it got to the point where I told them that if they didn’t get a doctor/practitioner in there in 5 minutes, I was calling the police and an ambulance.  2 minutes later the practitioner came in and said that he hadn’t heard anything or he would have come sooner.  He gave him some medicine for his stomach and the next 2 days were pretty good…

Until they called this morning and told me that he had fallen out of bed 3 times in the night. I understand one time.  But after that they should have put the rails up on the bed.  THERE WAS NO REASON FOR A SECOND OR THIRD FALL. Oh, then she threw in that he had a laceration on his face and that he hurt his knee but it wasn’t serious.  I asked her to talk to him and she refused.  I told her that I was coming up there.  My dads mom called me because she got there before me.  She let me talk to my dad.

He said- “Hey I don’t feel safe here.  It took them so long to come help me.  Then when the lady came to help, she left me in there because she said I was arguing with her but I was just trying to tell her I was in excruciating pain!  I really don’t want to be here.  They won’t help Jay, either.  There’s no reason for this.”  WHO THE HELL DOES THIS WOMAN THINK SHE IS TALKING TO MY DAD LIKE THAT.

Me-“I’m on my way”

when I got there.  There for 5-6 nurses right behind me telling me this was a bad idea and whatever.  My dad was serious.  He wasn’t going to let them do it to him anymore and I was behind him 500%.  They picked the wrong person to fuck with.  I’m not like the other patients families who believe them and let them sit in shit THROUGH TWO SHIFTS.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN WITH ME AROUND. TO ANYONE.   At least 3-4 times a day I would have to get on someones ass to help a patient (and they weren’t busy or anything, they were usually all smoking outside or sitting in ONE patients room watching TV, saying they were helping them EAT.  BULLSHIT! I saw it!  So They told me that since I was taking him that Medicaid wasn’t paying and that I would get the bill.  And if I tried to take him to the hospital that they wouldn’t take him because he is “medicaid-pending”.  Do they think I’m stupid?!  The whole reason it took 8 weeks to get him there was because he was medicaid-pending and he had to be approved. It didn’t matter though.  I’m not an idiot.  The emergency room can not deny anyone.  PERIOD.  I took him to Baylor Hospital in Grapevine (where he had been first)  Immediately they told me that he had an infection.  His white blood cell count was up at 24,000 (12,000 means infection), he had malnutrition, his G-tube (where he got a gastrostomy) had dried up yellow shit in it and it is supposed to be flushed 4 times a day before and after they put anything in it, he had a high blood sodium level which means he was extremely dehydrated, he had a fever and a urinary tract infection.  The result- he was re-admitted to the hospital.

He was quickly transferred to the 6th floor.  After getting him hooked up to an IV with antibiotics, eating a good meal, drinking a lot of water, getting some pain medication and x-rays he was good to go.  They did a cat-scan of his head because they were concerned about his head injury from falling the night before; but it turned out okay, thank God.

He looked 100 times better than when we walked in the door.  They said they will have to do an MRI on his leg tomorrow.  Hes comfortable now.  He knows that he is safe.  He knows that there are people who come to work (knowing what they have to deal with) and do it because that’s what they want to do.  Baylor Medical Center in Grapevine is probably one of the best hospitals in Texas.  I was born there (so was my little sister-we are  9 years apart) and the same doctor delivered us: Dr. Angelo C. Mendez, M.D.  He still delivers babies too!  Anyways…so that’s the update on Gordon.

What’s going to happen after this? I’m not sure but I’ll do whatever it takes to get him better.  The thing that gets me is:  My mother, who is 42 years old, has a college degree, great health (besides her drinking) hasn’t worked since her and my dad divorced 16 years ago gets over $1,200 a month for herself plus another $1,500 for my little sister and they have medicaid no problem.  But my dad, who has worked every day in his life, as a Master Electrician gets $30.00 (yeah that’s right, thirty dollars and zero cents) per month from social security disability.  ISN’T THAT WHY WE FUCKING PAY IT OUT OF OUR INCOME TAX THAT WE WORK OUR ASS OFF FOR? SO IF SOMETHING HAPPENS WE ARE COVERED.  OR AFTER WE HAVE WORKED OUR WHOLE LIVES AND ARE TOO OLD TO WORK?

Because Apparently they would rather give my mother thousands of dollars every month than give my dad the money we need to get him better.  He actually wants to get out and work again! Then they won’t have to give him ANYTHING!  But they don’t care.  They would rather help the people taking advantage of the system and let everyone else suffer because they don’t want to deal with the real issues.  I’m so done with fucking politics and health care.  I mean can’t we just do what’s morally right?!

Here is how I see it:  They spend all this money keeping people alive.  Why don’t they just let people who are terminally ill or over 90 years old die if they want to!? Give them a shot and let them die in peace!  Then, the government won’t be paying for all these people to keep them alive.  They don’t want to live! We should have that right as a human being (and we do as far as I’m concerned.  My family and I will NEVER be that way.  I’ll do what I have to do to make my family happy when it’s their time.  I’ve been to prison once, I will go again in a heartbeat for my family.




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