20 Years Old

28 Feb

So tomorrow is my birthday.  I’ll be 20 Years Old…wow I feel like I have lived much longer than 20 years.  Yesterday I did something out of the norm.  I went and fed the ducks with my dad.  Funny thing is…everyone else had the same idea.  I mean the ducks were so fucking full they didn’t want any.  There were full pieces of bread floating around everywhere.

After that we went to Pet-O-Rama, a pet store that I notice near my new apartments.  We went in and it must have been meant to be because this beautiful Macaw was there.  He was born in November.  They wanted $1,500.00!

It’s a lot of responsibility though.  They have the mind of an 8 year old and can live up to 70 years.  They get attached for life, so you can’t just give them away…It’s a little too much for me right now so I told my dad to wait.  They also had these African Grey’s that were born yesterday:

So adorable… but just like the Macaws… they are pretty large birds and live just as long.  They are just as smart with lots ofinteraction. And There was this BEAUTIFUL red and purple Parrott.  Oh she was gorgeous and could talk, but i don’t think she liked me… she did like my daddy though!
This is my last picture from the pet store.
The Cutest little girl let me hold her bunny! It was sooooo tiny and soft!
So I’m going to eat lunch with my dad, nick and my Oma!  Tomorrow is my birthday and I have court.

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