Jury Goes To The Movies In Rapper’s Trial

16 May

Testimony To Continue After Movies

POSTED: Wednesday, May 15, 2002
UPDATED: 4:50 pm CDT May 15, 2002
A Harris County jury was ordered to watch four movies Wednesday in the case of the rap musician known as South Park Mexican, who’s charged with a total of 12 counts of sexual assault of a child.


Coy, 31, is on trial for allegedly sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl, his daughter’s friend who visited Coy’s house last September to spend the night.
The jury watched "I Know What You Did Last Summer," "Scary Movie," Scary Movie 2," and "Scream."
Coy’s attorney said that he’s trying to prove that the movies show sexually explicit scenes– scenes that he said are similar to the allegations the girl is making against Coy.
"Her allegation is that Carlos performed a type of oral sex on her," Coy’s attorney Chip Lewis said. "Those very scenes are depicted in the movies that we’re talking about.
"In some of them in various stages or forms (are) fondling, and then the oral sex, Lewis said. "All of the allegations that she’s made."
Lewis said the girl has confused the fictional movie scenes with reality.
"This is what the girl said she’s seen. The jury, obviously, to understand, if they haven’t seen those movies, they’ve got to see those movies so I don’t see any risk of backlash by the jury actually seeing the evidence that’s relevant to the allegation," Lewis said.
Testimony is expected to continue after the movies.
Prosecutors asked the judge to allow testimony from several other alleged victims who claimed Coy assaulted them. A decision is expected Thursday.
"It’s certainly not right and the judge is seeing their desperation of trying to try other cases in this case as exactly what it is — it’s a desperate effort to save a case they see failing before their eyes," Lewis said.
If convicted of the charges, Coy could be sent to prison and risks a rap career that his fans said was on the verge of exploding.


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